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PE water supply pipe PE hot melt welding temperature and steps
Dec 20, 2018

When the PE water supply pipe PE is hot melted, set the heating plate temperature to 200 to 230 °C. During the welding process, the operator should refer to the parameters of the welding process card for operation, and if necessary, adjust it according to changes in weather, ambient temperature, etc.


When PE is hot melted, it is necessary to check whether the specifications and pressure level of the pipe to be welded are correct. Check whether the surface is flawed, bumped or scratched. If the depth of the flaw exceeds 10% of the wall thickness of the pipe, it should be used after partial resection. Use soft paper or cloth alcohol to remove oil or foreign matter from both ends.


Place the pipe to be welded in the frame slip, so that the length of the two ends is equivalent. The part outside the pipe frame is supported by the support so that the pipe axis is at the same height as the center line of the frame, and then the kava is used. Fastened. Insert the milling cutter, first turn on the power switch of the milling cutter, then close the ends of the pipe and put the appropriate pressure until the continuous chips appear on both ends, then remove the pressure, wait a moment, then retreat the movable frame, close Milling cutter power supply.


Take out the milling cutter, close the two ends and check the alignment. After the temperature of the heating plate reaches the set value, put it into the frame and apply the specified pressure until the curling reaches the specified height on both sides. After the time reaches the specified value, release the movable frame and quickly take out the heating plate. When the two pipe ends are closed, the switching time is shortened as much as possible. After cooling to the specified time, the pressure is released, the slips are released, and the connected pipes are taken

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