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PE hot melt method and its working principle
Jan 24, 2019

PE water pipes can be hot melted. There are two kinds of PE hot melt methods. One is butt hot melt, so there is no need for a die. If it is a direct pipe, the pipe and the pipe are docked, and a fitting is saved. If you want to turn, use it. Elbows and the like, but the same is the butt fusion.


One is socket hot melt, which is the same as PPR hot melt. In addition to the above two hot melt methods, there is also a kind of electrofusion, which is mainly used in places where the welding plate is difficult to enter, difficult to construct, and the electric fusion joint. The inside has its own heating wire, and there are two electrode connectors on the outside of the pipe fitting, which are connected with the electric melting machine, and the electrofusion joint will self-heat and achieve the welding effect.


The initial principle of PE hot melt is to change the plastic resin in the fusion zone by energizing and heating the copper wire embedded in the inner wall of the pipe. The polymer segments are combined under special pressure and a new crystal arrangement is started through the cooling material. The fusion sites combine to form a firm state. According to the physical characteristics of the special electric welding machine, the thermal resistance wire of the electrofusion tube can adopt two methods of constant voltage and constant current.


The characteristic of constant current welding is that as the energization time increases, the output power of the electrofusion welding machine increases continuously during the welding process, and the heat input into the welding zone per unit time increases continuously. The characteristic of constant voltage welding is that as the energization time increases, the output power of the electrofusion welding machine is gradually reduced, and the input heat per unit time is also reduced. In the case of electrothermal welding, the fusion surface is well bonded. The entire fusion surface must be heated evenly and in

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