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Operation process of All Terrain Butt Fusion Machine
Aug 04, 2018

When All Terrain Butt Fusion Machine is operated, it is mainly to check whether the equipment condition meets the working requirements, and effectively check whether the fasteners of various parts of the equipment fall off or loose, and check the whole electrical circuit when performing the operation. The connection is correct and reliable.


All Terrain Butt Fusion Machine effectively checks whether the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank is sufficient. In operation, it is necessary to confirm that the power supply and the tool input requirements match, whether the heating plate meets the requirements (whether the coating is damaged), the milling cutter and the oil pump Test operation of switches, etc. Then put the kava with the same pipe specifications into the rack, set the temperature of the heating plate to the welding temperature (the welding temperature of the polyethylene pipe is 200~230 °C), and wipe the heating plate with soft paper or cloth alcohol before heating. Surface, but be careful not to scratch the PTFE release layer.


The welding of the trolley type hot melt butt welder shall be carried out according to the parameters of the welding process card. When necessary, it shall be properly adjusted according to the weather, ambient temperature, etc., and the two pipes shall be cleaned with a clean cloth. The dirt on the side. Place the tubing in the rack slips so that the length of the ends is equivalent (should be as short as possible, usually 25 to 30 mm, if the milling and heating requirements are met). If necessary, the outside of the pipe rack is lifted with the support so that the pipe axis is at the same height as the centerline of the frame and then fastened with the slips.

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