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Operation advantages and notices of fully automatic welding machine
Mar 22, 2018

The automatic welding machine is mainly used for gas, water supply and drainage company, pipe manufacturer and construction company. The fully automatic welding machine is very suitable for the butt welding connection of PPR, PVDF, PE, HDPE and other thermoplastics pipes.

Hdpe Pipe Butt Joint Machine.jpg

 Operation advantage of fully automatic welding machine

1.    fully automatic welding machine will be set in advance according to the best welding parameters of different materials, SDR pipes and caliber.

2.    automatic control of the welding time, temperature and pressure.

3.    automatic test and compensation for drag pressure.

4.    The automatic monitoring and prompting of all the operation steps in the welding process of the automatic weld welder.

5.    To know exactly the remaining time of the job according to the timer.

6.    The humanized design, dustproof, moisture proof and leakage proof have all adopted the highest level of protection, and can be more adaptable to working in all kinds of bad environmental conditions.

7.    The electronic temperature control system, compared with other welding devices using AC contactor to control temperature, improves the precision of temperature control and has longer service life. The increase of construction costs caused by equipment failure is reduced.

8.    The control system will be connected to machine frame, hot plate and milling cutter when it is used. It can automatically calculate welding parameters and automatically weld according to the input data. The welding results can also be output and printed to reduce the welding failure caused by human factors.

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