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Multi-angle pipe welder superior function and features
Jan 22, 2019

Multi-angle pipe welding machine is not only suitable for the production of hot-melt pipe fittings in the workshop; but also has a variety of mold combinations, which can weld various types of pipe fittings, such as Zhengtong, Zhengtong, elbow and oblique tee; The device is easy to operate, the center of gravity is stable and helps to improve the welding precision.


The multi-angle pipe welding machine is equipped with a ball guide at the bottom of the left and right horizontal workbench, which is light and portable; the lateral position of the left and right lateral movement table can be moved separately, which is more convenient for the separation of the heating plate and the pipe; the device has the welding process interlocking function, in the hot plate Linkage with milling cutters.


When the milling cutter is extended and retracted, the hot plate action is locked, and vice versa; in addition, when the temperature of the heating plate does not reach the set temperature, the welder will refuse to perform the subsequent work. The entire operating system is easy and safe to control.


The temperature of the heating plate of the multi-angle pipe welding machine is uniform, the temperature control and adjustment can be realized by the liquid crystal touch screen display; the heat absorption time and the cooling time can be set separately by the liquid crystal touch screen display, and the time arrival will automatically alarm the alarm to ensure the safety of the

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