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Multi-angle pipe welder has wide application, good configuration and good performance
Dec 30, 2018

The multi-angle pipe welding machine has a wide application range, and is suitable for the hot-melt butt welding connection of PE, HDPE and PP plastic pipes of 63mm to 2000mm diameter, and is suitable for making PE, PP, PVDF and other radial elbows and tees in the workshop. , four-way, 45 ° and 60 ° Y-type tee, can also be used to lengthen the injection pipe fittings, pipe fittings and so on.


The whole machine is mainly composed of the fixture frame, the heating plate, the milling machine and its basket frame. The reasonable engineering and mechanical design makes the welding work more convenient and flexible. The integrated structure design makes it possible to use a variety of corresponding special fixtures when used for different pipe fittings; for example, the flip-type structure fixed by one side of the ferrule gland makes the welding process shorter and more effective.


The multi-angle pipe welding machine is equipped with an independent temperature-controlled heating plate, and the heating surface is a non-stick layer of polytetrafluoroethylene; the locking mechanism can avoid the external force being affected during welding; the inverted electric milling cutter is equipped with a safety limit switch to prevent milling The knife is accidentally started; the welding pressure is provided by the crank-driven mechanical mechanism, the transmission is smooth and easy to operate.


The timer in the multi-angle pipe welder can record the two stages of heat absorption and cooling separately, and the alarm is finished at the end of the time, which is convenient for operation; the whole machine has excellent cost performance and conforms to the 98/37/EC

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