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Manual welding machine operating procedures and precautions
Jul 10, 2018

Before operating the manual welding machine, you need to plug in the main power plug, install the handle, put the welding machine on the placement rack; then pull the motor switch and the motor starts to rotate. After determining that the temperature reaches the set temperature, the left hand pulls the motor switch to rotate, and the right hand immediately feeds the electrode to the inlet, and the electrode is automatically fed after being fed.


At this point, it is important to note whether the material has begun to discharge and whether the motor has become very difficult. In the case of empty material, the motor speed is light and will become heavier after feeding. If it becomes very difficult, please stop immediately. It may be that the manual welding machine screw heating time is too short or the temperature is low.


For different materials and welding methods, manual welding machines require different welding nozzles; at the same time, pressure is required on the welding machine to enable the welding machine to pressurize the welding seam; before starting, the welding nozzle needs to be heated to make the welding surface Smoother. Of course, generally before the initial 30-60cm, if the temperature of the tip is insufficient, the surface of the weld will appear unsmooth.


For manual welding machines, the welding speed, discharge, angle, and tip structure will affect the uniformity and aesthetics of the weld, so these parameters should be properly selected. In order to ensure the quality of the welding and extend the service life of the manual welding machine, the preheating air filter is also kept clean.


When the manual welding machine is shut down, the hot air temperature knob should be adjusted to the minimum. After a few minutes of blowing, the hot air fan can be turned off. At the same time, the welding rod should be kept a little to avoid the screwing of the screw when the extrusion screw is idling; the next welding machine is turned on. When necessary, the tip must be removed first, the material is removed and then turned on.

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