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Manual pipe welding machine with high efficiency and speed control system
Jul 04, 2018

The manual pipe welding machine is highly efficient in the process of operation, and the height tolerance of the pipe end is high during the operation, and the height tolerance of the size of the fracture is used during operation. It is very easy to operate and reliable. Under normal circumstances, no shielding is required for root welding.


Manual pipe welding machines require skilled drivers to avoid damage to the machine during suspension welding. Skilled technicians and special spare parts are required for operation, which is easy to use, easy to maintain and reliable. The quality is completely dependent on the welder technology, and the short-arc welding has a low automatic content; more welding stations are needed to achieve maximum efficiency.


The welding power source of the manual pipe welding machine shall have the output power and welding characteristics matched with the welding method to be used, and shall be equipped with an interface connected with the main controller. The wire feeder and its control and speed control system shall be Wire speed control accuracy requires a higher wire feeder, and its control circuit should add speed feedback.


The welding mechanism of the manual pipe welding machine is composed of a welding machine head, a welding head support frame, a hanging type carriage, etc., and is used in a precision welding head mechanism. The drive system should be installed. Servo motor with encoder.

ling according to their production and processing techniques. Cold rolling can also be divided into two types: grain orientation and grain orientation. The cold rolled sheet has uniform thickness, good surface quality and high magnetic properties. Therefore, with the development of the industry, the hot rolled sheet has a tendency to be replaced by cold rolled sheets.

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