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Maintenance steps for welding plates in automatic welding machines
Nov 30, 2018

1. When using this device, make sure that the ground wire in the power cord is well grounded. Install the leakage protector yourself.

    2. Do not change the single-phase two-pole grounding plug (three-core safety plug) to a two-pin plug.

    3. Before powering on the device, please install the connection wires of each component. (milling cutter, heating plate, displacement sensor and hydraulic oil pipe).

    4. When installing the power plug, the L, N, E (〨) on the plug indicate fire, zero, and ground respectively; the line color may be different, generally the yellow-green line is ground, if there is no yellow-green line, the black should Ground wire; red or brown is a fire line; yellow or blue is a zero line.

    5. Make sure that the device input power is 220V (40-60Hz) AC.

6. Before construction, please take all safety measures to eliminate safety hazards. (wearing insulated gloves, insulated shoes or insulated boots, hard hat)

7. When the device is powered on, do not move the device at will. To move the device, turn off the power.

8. Please do not use it under rainy or thunderstorm conditions to prevent the cable and machine from being damp and its safety performance and the high-voltage cable generated during lightning to cause electric shock or lightning strike.

9. Place the device in a dry, well-ventilated place when it is raining or when it is not used for a long time.

10. There are AC 220V high voltage parts in the machine. Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble the equipment without permission. In order to avoid accidents or damage the equipment.

11. If the cable, power plug or output electrode insulation cover is damaged or the like is exposed, please replace it before use.

12. The test button of the leakage protection switch of the whole machine must be tested once a month to check whether the leakage switch is in good condition.

13. Before the pipe is milled, make sure that the end face of the pipe is clean and free from debris, so as not to damage the blade. After confirming that the milling cutter is placed and safely locked, first turn on the milling cutter switch and then start the milling work to avoid burning the milling cutter motor. After the milling is completed, the milling cutter must be stopped and the milling cutter switched off to remove the milling cutter from the special basket.

14. When the surface of the heating plate is stuck with plastic impurities, gently wipe the surface of the heating plate with a soft cloth dampened with methanol while the heating plate is in a hot state. Do not use hard objects to avoid damage to the surface coating.

15. The heating plate will automatically bounce when the heating cycle ends. To eliminate possible hazards, the welder must ensure that all personnel are away from the heating plate at this time.

16. In order to use this welder safely, the welder must be familiar with this operating guide and be certified to work.

   17. The equipment must be protected from rack pinch, cutter cuts, hot plate burns, etc., and should be kept away from inflammable and explosive places.


The automatic hot-melt welding machine is a pass-through program developed based on the national standard (GB/T 20674.1) for polyethylene system welding equipment and the industrial standard for polyethylene gas pipeline engineering technical regulations (CJJ 63). Automatic control of pipe welding equipment.

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