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Main functions and selection principles of fully automatic welding machine
Nov 17, 2018

The control box of the automatic welding machine is connected with a pressure sensor and a temperature probe, which can control and adjust the temperature of the heating plate, and can also control the five stages of the preheating phase, the endothermic phase, the conversion phase, the welding phase and the cooling phase in the welding process. Time parameter. During work, different stages are allowed to set different pressures and maintenance times and record, and each work cycle can be automatically recorded and repeated.


The automatic welding machine has a data retrieval storage device and a data download interface, which can store and download welding data. After milling the end face of the pipe, it can automatically check whether the pipe is clamped firmly; at the same time, it can automatically measure the drag pressure and automatically compensate the drag force. The hot plate temperature is automatically monitored according to the selected parameters, and the welder can be welded only when the hot plate temperature is within the set operating temperature range.


Due to the different product models and parameters produced by each manufacturer, the latest welding machine that supports manual and barcode dual-use should be used in the selection of welding machine. Otherwise, the range of other uses will be reduced during use, thus reducing Use efficiency, causing unnecessary waste.


When the automatic welding machine is in construction, it is generally necessary to use 2.5mm2 input cable when the power supply is within 50 meters, and so on. The longer the distance, the larger the cable voltage is used. When the grid voltage does not meet the requirements. At this time, the generator must be selected to support the power supply.

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