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Lincoln welding machines Features Introduction
Apr 03, 2018

Compared with other similar products, the superiority of Lincoln welder lies in its simple operation, stable and reliable performance, long service life, and high cost performance. At present, we mainly use Lincoln Electric Welders for pipe welding, welding in the shipbuilding industry, stainless steel welding, and welding of dual-phase steels and Cr-Mo heat-resistant steels.


Lincoln welding machines have a certain influence in the market and have also won the favor of many users. In general, the device is a versatile, versatile, multi-purpose welding device that is lightweight and portable.


From the application perspective, there are many types of Lincoln welders, including models for construction sites, models for factories, optimized models, and factory models with brackets. Whether at the factory or at the construction site, it is very convenient to use and can be used for various welding operations.


Lincoln welding machines can perform manual welding, DC TIG welding, MIG welding, pulsed MIG welding, flux-cored wire welding and carbon arc gouging, and are the most versatile inverter welding power sources in their class. It has a solid construction and can adapt to harsh working conditions.


Analyzed from its structural design, the solid-state circuit provides a long service life for Lincoln welder repetitive welding applications. And in the course of its work, the entire output voltage in order to facilitate simple adjustment and precise control. The device is equipped with a mode switch that selects the desired output characteristics for the welding process used.


Not only that, the network voltage compensation used by Lincoln welding machines can maintain the consistency of the weld well and the compensation range is ±10%. Fan cooling with over-current protection against over-current and over-temperature over-temperature protection. In short, Lincoln welder has many advantages, and it has a higher cost performance in practical applications.

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