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Key inspection work of multi-angle pipe welder before use
Nov 20, 2018

The multi-angle pipe welding machine is a kind of welding machine. Because it can realize the welding effect of multi-angle welding parts, it is deeply loved by consumers in the market, and therefore it can be trusted by consumers in the market. In order to ensure that the use of the multi-angle pipe welder can achieve the desired results, the preparation work can not be less.


If the multi-angle pipe welder does not have time for a long time, it will cause a large decrease in the resistance of the device due to the humidity. It is easy to cause a short circuit or an open circuit during use, and the probability of accidents occurs. It will be effectively reduced, and in order to avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to use professional equipment to check whether the insulation resistance is qualified. If it is not qualified, it should be solved in time.


The use of multi-angle pipe welder electrical system should also be checked to see if there is any abnormality. If it is, it should be solved in time, and it can be put into normal use after ensuring normal. This can effectively reduce the occurrence of faults. . The use of multi-angle pipe welder should still check the direction of rotation of the fan to see if its direction is normal. If it should be corrected in time, it can ensure that the welder has better cooling effect in use.

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