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Introduction of welding process of automatic welding machine
Sep 10, 2018

The so-called fully automatic welding machine refers to a welding machine that can completely complete the process of welding plastic pipes by the machine according to the goals set by the people. In general, the parameters involved in the welding process include: the temperature of the welding, the continuous period of welding, the pressure acting on the welding interface, and the like.


In the actual welding process of plastic pipe, considering that the welding interface of plastic pipe has no ideal non-destructive testing method, it is necessary to strictly implement the welding specification to ensure the quality of the interface. The use of fully automatic welding machine for welding will minimize the impact of human factors in the welding process and ensure the quality of the interface.


In general, in the process of welding in the automatic welding machine, the main control contents are: 1. Automatically control the end face of the milling tube; 2. Automatically check whether the pipe is clamped; 3. Manually check the wrong side of the pipe Quantity, and adjustment; 4, automatic accurate detection of drag pressure; 5, automatic control of the loop height; 6, automatic control of the heat absorption time.

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