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How to operate fully automatic electric welding machine?
May 02, 2018

The automatic electric welding machine is mainly used for the welding of all kinds of plastic pipes and fittings. In the process of welding, there is no danger of scald. The operator must be trained by professional operation, and the electric welding machine can be operated after qualified.

The daily maintenance of electric welding machine cannot be ignored, and must be carefully checked and corrected before use. Tidy up the surrounding environment of the electric welding machine so as not to damage the equipment. In addition, thermal gloves and eye protection equipment are correctly worn during homework.

Check cable and power supply voltage. The power supply connected by fully automatic electric welding machine must meet the requirements of the equipment. After repeated confirmation, it can be used formally.

The electric fuse shall not be opened in advance. The package can only be opened when the package is in operation. Ensure the surface of the pipe is smooth before electric melting. You can use a professional blade to shave properly. The end of the pipe fittings needs to be cut at right angles and fixed. Improper use may cause welding failure.

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