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How is the hot melt welder selected?
Oct 12, 2018

With the rapid development and extensive application of hot-melt welding technology in China, the selection of hot-melt welding machines is also increasing. When selecting, we must first understand the technical strength of the manufacturers of hot-melt welding machines and the workmanship of the products. To understand the after-sales service measures, good after-sales service is an effective guarantee for your fast handling of machine failures.


Then understand how much welding data the hot melt welder can store, how to transfer the data to the computer, and then print it out. Usually the welding data can not be modified, and the welding data format that can be modified provides conditions for fraudulent use.


In addition, whether the hot-melt welder's boosting in the T4 stage is slow, the slow boosting is to prevent the molten PE material from colliding under the rapid high pressure to form a virtual weld. The pressure compensation range is large, the better the ultra-small, the current welding parameters are summarized by the foreign developed countries through practice, so the actual welding pressure value is as close as possible to the parameter table.


The hot plate of the hot-melt welding machine automatically bounces up to reduce the time of T3, and the second quantity can reduce the artificial factors and cause welding failure. At present, most users still use hydraulic hot-melt welding machines. The quality of welding depends entirely on the quality of the machine and the technology of the operators. Therefore, it is recommended that users choose an automated hot-melt welder.

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