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How does a hot melt welder hot melt butt a polyethylene pipe
Jan 02, 2019

All polyethylene pipe joints must be connected by electrofusion or hot melt, and the joints of the hot melt welder are stronger than the pipe itself. The specific method of hot-melt butting is to use a method in which the polyethylene pipe end interface is heated and melted by a heating plate and then butted and fused to each other and cooled and fixed together. A hot melt welding machine is usually used to heat the end tube, melt it, quickly attach it, maintain a certain pressure, and cool to achieve the purpose of welding.


Polyethylene pipes of various sizes can be connected by hot melt welding of hot melt welding machine. This method is economical and reliable, and its interface has higher strength than the pipe itself during tension and pressure. Before the start, it is required that the butt pipe sections should be consistent with the pipe. The same plant supporting materials should be used as much as possible; the outer diameter and wall thickness of the butt pipe sections should be the same; the inner and outer surfaces of the welded pipe and pipe fittings, especially near the port, should be smooth and flat, without any abnormalities. The dimensional deviation of the pipe should meet the requirements; the butt pipe section should have good processing and welding performance matched with the welder.


Secondly, it is necessary to check the welding system of the hot-melt welding machine and the matching of the power supply, clean the heating plate, turn on the power of each part of the welding machine, and have the grounding protection; set the heating plate temperature to the welding according to the welding process parameters given by the welding machine. Temperature; if it is an automatic welder, parameters such as heat absorption time and cooling time should also be set.


When using this method, the equipment only needs the hot-melt welding machine, the connecting pipe is placed on the welding fixture and clamped, then the pipe to be connected is cleaned, the joint surface is milled, and the two butt joints are straightened so that the misalignment is not Greater than 10% of the wall thickness. Then put it in a heating plate to heat it. After the heating is completed, the heating plate is taken out. Finally, the two heating surfaces are quickly joined, boosted to the welding pressure and kept under

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