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Hot melt welding method and performance characteristics of hot melt welding machine
Dec 31, 2018

The hot-melt welding machine utilizes the principle of electrothermal melting to accurately control the temperature change, and cooperates with mechanical devices to achieve product fusion, and is particularly suitable for products that are not easily welded and have irregular shapes. Moreover, the appearance of the device is beautiful and durable, and the scope of application is very wide.


The hot-melt welding machine has electronic slow-motion and electronic limit, which is suitable for various hot-melt methods such as embedding and riveting. The oil pressure buffer is combined with the buffer circuit, and the operation is very stable. It is suitable for processing large objects and simultaneous welding at multiple points. The heat-conducting plate is coated with Teflon and never stuck to plastic.


The hot-melt welding machine adopts multi-stage heating tube and imported temperature control system. The temperature control is accurate and reliable. It adopts various surface treatments such as electrostatic spraying and hard chrome plating. For products like plastic tubes that need to be welded, hot-melt welding machines can be used. Can make them better connected

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