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Hot melt method and precautions for fusion welding machinery
Nov 29, 2018

There are two methods for hot-melt welding of fusion welding machinery . One is hot-melt butt joint. The hot-melt butt joint is a method in which the polyethylene pipe end interface is heated and melted by a heating plate and then butted and fused, and fixed together by cooling. A fusion welding machinery is usually used to heat the end pipe, melt it, quickly attach it, maintain a certain pressure, and cool to achieve the purpose of welding. Polyethylene pipes of various sizes can be connected by hot melt bonding. However, it is recommended to use a capacitor connection for pipes with a nominal diameter of less than 63 mm. The method is economical and reliable, and its interface has higher strength than the pipe itself during tension and pressure.


The fusion welding machinery can also perform hot-melt socket connection. When it is carried out, the two end portions of the pipe to be connected are respectively heated and melted at both ends of a thicker connecting pipe section, so that each joint requires two hot melts. process. When the hot melt socket is connected, the pipe port should be chamfered to clean the joint surface. Draw a marking line at the end of the socket, and use a heating tool to simultaneously heat the joint surface of the pipe and the pipe. Immediately after the heating is completed, the heating tool is withdrawn, and the socket is inserted into the depth of the socket to reach the marking line with a uniform external force, and a uniform flange is formed at the end of the socket.


When fusion welding machinery performs the hot-melt joint operation, it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning the dirt on the joint surface of the pipe, marking the insertion depth, and scraping off the skin; the pipe is fixed on the frame, and the electrofusion pipe is placed on the pipe; Straighten the connected parts to ensure that they are on the same axis; energize, weld, and cool. When connecting, the voltage and heating time selection during power-on heating shall be in accordance with the regulations of the manufacturer of electrofusion connection tools and the manufacturer of pipe fittings. Do not move the connector or apply any external force on the connector during cooling of the fused connection.

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