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Hot fusion welding machine machinery and electrical appliances
Nov 15, 2018

The hot-melt welding machine is composed of two parts: mechanical and electrical. Its main machine is a common single-column column hot melt machine. It can be installed with upper and lower molds of plastic hot-melting molds with dimensions of 240mm×210mm×260mm. Smooth motion, precise control, and air pressure can be fine-tuned according to the welding workpiece.


In order to facilitate the welding of large parts and the operability of special welded parts, the bottom plate of the hot-melt welding machine can be equipped with a sliding device. The slide stroke is 75MM, and the mold protrudes out of the main cavity to facilitate the safety of loading and operation of the welded parts. It is convenient to quickly adjust the welding head or need to change the mold quickly. It can be equipped with positioning device at the four corners of the mold to achieve fast and accurate mold adjustment, reduce mold adjustment time and reduce the difficulty of mold adjustment.


The welding depth of the hot-melt welding machine is adjustable. According to the appearance of the plastic parts and the welding strength requirements, the stroke of the upper mold can be finely adjusted to achieve the desired effect. Its electrical part includes temperature control device and time control device, which can set the required welding temperature according to the shape and size of the workpiece. It can also increase or decrease the welding time according to the specific welding requirements to achieve the required welding effect. .

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