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HDPE welding machine welding process and repair process
May 30, 2018

HDPE welding machine can be divided into soft welding and hard welding in the process of operation. Its soft soldering temperature will be lower than 450°C during operation, its hard soldering is higher than 450°C, and its hard soldering is usually performed during operation. In the case of silver, gold, steel, copper and other metals, the welding point is much stronger than soft welding, and the shear strength is 20 to 30 times that of soft welding.


The HDPE welding machine effectively guarantees the continuity of the metal to a certain degree. During the operation, the two metals are effectively connected with each other through the bolt connection and the material adhesion, and to a certain extent, a strong metal. The whole, but this connection is not continuous, sometimes the surface of the metal if there is an oxide insulating film, then they are even physically in contact with each other.


The chattering of the HDPE welding machine and the impact of seeking his machinery can also effectively loosen the joint. The welding can effectively eliminate such problems when the welding operation is performed. The welding part does not move relative to one another, the contact surface does not oxidize, and the continuous conductive method. To adhere to. Welding is the fusion process between two metals. In the molten state, the solder will dissolve some of the metals that are in contact with it. The surface of the metal to be welded will often have a thin layer of insoluble oxide film. The flux is used to remove the solder. This layer of oxide film.


HDPE welding machine welding process

1. The flux is melted and the oxide film on the surface of the metal to be welded is removed.

2. Melt the solder to float the impure substance suspended in between and the lighter flux to the surface.

3. Some dissolve some of the metal that is associated with the solder.

4. Cool and end the melting of metal and solder.


HDPE welding machine repair process

1. The dismantling of special components.

2. Inspection of components.

3. Communication with defective components

4. Check the circuit function.


HDPE welding machine in the process of operation, the reliability of its welding point should be higher than the equipment itself, in the operation can be achieved in the welding process, welding technology is a companion technology, followed by the development of the electronics industry, affirmed As more and more useful packaging technologies and smaller components continue to occur, welding technology will continue to be developed to meet the changing needs of the electronics industry and environmental issues.

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