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HDPE welding machine function and use requirements
Mar 30, 2018

During the operation of the HDPE welding machine, the plastic welding rod is melted and melted, and the welded workpiece is fused and bonded. It can be seen that during the operation of the apparatus, heat is conducted through the welding head to the plastic processing part, so that the two plastic junctions are melted to complete the gluing.


The welding operation using the HDPE welding machine is not only fast, but also the welding seam is very strong. And in the entire operation process, labor intensity can be greatly reduced. It should be noted that before the welding operation, the equipment needs to be placed in the proper place and installed correctly.


Normally, this HDPE welding machine should be placed on a sturdy, horizontal bench. In addition, a certain amount of space should be reserved around the equipment for ventilation and heat dissipation. It also provides convenience for operation and maintenance during the later period. At the same time, in order to ensure safe operation, the machine must be reliably grounded, and the resistance to ground must be less than 4 ohms.


In order to ensure the welding effect of the HDPE welding machine, it is also necessary to adjust the welding head direction accordingly. Remember that if the direction of the welding head does not match the direction of the base, the workpiece cannot be welded. In this case, adjust the direction of the welding head so that it completely matches the direction of the base. When making specific adjustments, place the workpiece on the base first to make a kiss with the base and relax the four plane adjustment screws. Then adjust the position of the mid-body seat so that the welding head is held at a slight distance from the workpiece.

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