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HDPE welding machine application characteristics
Aug 23, 2018

With the improvement of the technical level, the performance of the HDPE welding machine has been further improved, and the quality of the produced products is stable and reliable. This machine is mainly used for the welding of plastic pipes and fittings such as HDPE. It is widely used for welding high-pressure water, gas, chemical and other liquid pipes. It is automatic, light, strong and easy to carry.


In the structure of the HDPE welding machine, the main machine is equipped with a double-sided double clamping device, the function of which is mainly realized by means of two hydraulic cylinders, equipped with a non-leakage quick connector, and the body can be fixed by the displacement of the gusset plate. To achieve the welding of the pipe fittings on the welding machine. Its hydraulic system is lightweight and easy to service, with a developmental structure. It is equipped with a clamp/close control lever that provides accurate welding pressure.


At the same time, during the operation of the HDPE welding machine, its temperature can be displayed. It is also equipped with associated auxiliary devices, including timers, voltmeters, digital display temperature controllers and a set of protection switches, as well as milling cutters/hot plate supports.

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