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HDPE pipe welding machine brief operation steps
Jul 28, 2018

The welding quality of the HDPE pipe is very important, so it is necessary to pay more attention during the actual operation of the HDPE pipe welding machine. First, prepare the required tools and materials, then determine the length and diameter of the HDPE pipe to be welded according to the design drawings, and adjust the parameters of the HDPE pipe welding machine, including welding temperature and pressure.


The next step is to ensure that the HDPE pipe welder is level and align the pipes. Place the long tube on the support frame and the other on the other side of the welder to ensure that the tube is in line and flush with the welder, then remove the outer packaging of the HDPE tube. Move the two tubes together and place them in the clamp of the welder. Place the electric milling cutter between the two tubes, start the power supply, and start cutting the ends of the two tubes until the ends are flush, and the end faces should be perpendicular to the tube axis.


Heating is then carried out and the required pressure is applied while the electrofusion welding time is recorded. A welding ring will appear. When heated to the last few seconds, the heater chip is ready to be removed from the HDPE pipe welder and the required pressure is applied to join the two pipes together. This process must be completed within 3-4 seconds and the action must be quick. After that, it is cooled and packaged.

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