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HDPE pipe manual welding machine welding parameters and composition requirements
Mar 16, 2018

HDPE pipe manual welding machine is suitable for connecting PE, PP, PVDF pipe and pipe, pipe and pipe fittings at the construction site and in the trench. The plastic pipe manual welding machine can also be used in the workshop.

Plastic pipe manual welding machine is mainly composed of milling cutter, independent heating plate, frame and heating plate bracket. Its device's heating plate has independent temperature control system and Teflon surface coating. The main part of its frame is aluminum. Alloy material, simple structure, small size, easy to use.

Plastic pipe manual welding machine is very suitable for single operation during operation, suitable for use under complex construction conditions, Teflon coating of electric heating plate; temperature control device used to control temperature, high precision, surface temperature difference ≤ ± 5 °

The operating temperature of the plastic pipe manual welding machine is 180°C-250°C and the applicable ambient temperature is: -10°-45°. The device will have an electronic temperature controller, which will make the temperature more accurate and the welding. Become more reliable.

The welding parameters of the plastic tube manual welding machine are input by bar code, or automatically set by the system according to the input pipe diameter and wall thickness. The heating time is automatically compensated according to the ambient temperature. Can save the welding parameters and operator code, can be read at any time, print out at any time on a universal printer, into the file for future reference.

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