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HDPE pipe joint machine quality and welding speed
Jun 27, 2018

HDPE pipe jointing machine has high welding speed, good quality consistency and beautiful surface when it operates. To a certain extent, there is no phenomenon of uneven soldering by manual welding. HDPE pipe jointing machine can effectively avoid manual welding when it is operated. The influence of various factors considered at the time, such as the influence of the proficiency of its operators, the influence of physical conditions, and the influence of emotions, ensure the consistency and reliability of welding.


HDPE pipe jointing machine can effectively reduce the number of its operators and inspectors to a certain extent, so that it can reduce its management difficulty and product cost. Now the cost of labor increases year by year. The annual recruitment is the most headache for the boss. Things, automatic welding machine can greatly reduce the number of hired personnel.


HDPE pipe joint machine welding reliability is much greater than manual welding. Poor welding is an important cause of premature failure of components. The design life of solar photovoltaic modules is 25 years, and the components are usually installed outdoors. Each day they are subjected to a temperature change of about 30°C. With the change of seasons, the temperature change is even greater. Since the tape substrate is pure copper, the coefficient of expansion of copper is about six times that of silicon (cell).

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