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Fully automatic welding machine working process and precautions
Nov 21, 2018

When the automatic welding machine is working, firstly, on the steel frame forming frame, according to the requirements of the drawing reinforcement, according to the actual size of the inner diameter of the steel frame ring to be made, adjust the outer diameter of the forming frame, and support according to the ring pitch. Make equidistant marks on the shelf. Then, the rotating forming frame is wound, and the ring-shaped reinforcing bar is wound on the forming frame according to the pitch mark, and the number of rings and the pitch are accurate; the overlapping length of the ring-shaped reinforcing bars at both ends of the reinforcing bar frame shall not be less than the specified value, and shall be welded.


At the same time, the longitudinal steel bars which are pre-aligned and fixed length cuts shall be placed in order according to the design position, and the ends shall be welded with the ring ribs. Note that the edge ring ribs at both ends are not more than ten mm from the ends of the longitudinal ribs. When using a fully automatic welding machine to strengthen the steel frame by arc welding, the longitudinal and ring ribs should be pressed against each other in advance, and the fine electrode should be selected to adjust the welding current of the arc welding machine to be small. On the basis of ensuring the welding quality, the steel bars should be avoided as much as possible. Ablation, if necessary, the welded parts are sampled and tested to have a tensile strength not lower than that of the base metal.


In addition, it is necessary to concentrate the reinforcement points on both ends of the steel frame and on the portions where the interlayer ribs are provided. The double-layer steel bars are supported by prefabricated standing ribs. The position of the standing ribs is on the longitudinal ribs at both ends of the skeleton, and a plurality of standing ribs are arranged for each longitudinal rib.

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