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Fully automatic welder features and welding process
Oct 16, 2018

When the automatic welding machine is operated, the workpiece should be manually hoisted to the bracket, and the workpiece can be clamped by the three-claw and the cylinder of the tailstock can be lifted up; the current and voltage of the welding machine, the rotational speed of the head motor, and the welding torch Swing, weld the size of the heavy head; then switch to automatic, gas detection, start, welding. After the welding is completed, the cylinder is withdrawn from the top, the three claws are released, and the workpiece is lifted.


During the welding process, the swinging device of the automatic welding machine can set different working states according to the welding process requirements; the equipment has the preheating function before the workpiece welding, the preheating system has automatic ignition, and the temperature display is adjustable. With stepper motor, the speed and amplitude are adjustable and the performance is stable.


The automatic welding machine can weld thick-walled cylindrical ring seam welding of axles, hydraulic cylinders and drive shafts; the power supply is NBC-500k or NBC-630k; the tailstock tip can be set to quickly complete the loading and unloading and positioning of products, reducing products. The preparation time and welding time before and after welding improve the welding efficiency.

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