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Electrofusion Welding Machine Welding Procedure
May 23, 2018

Welding machine operation steps:

1. After the preparation is completed, open the operation switch and carefully adjust the operating current to start the welding.

2. For any reason, when the electric welding machine stops working midway, the timer will record the time when the current passes. Press rst key to reset and restart.)

3. Make preparations, connect the wires - turn on the power switch - set the voltage level and time - open the operation switch - the timer starts timing - adjust the current to the set value (moderate) to start the welding - reach the set time, buzzer Automatic power-off of the unit—turn off the operation switch to OFF, and the current knob returns to zero—pick off the clip of the connection cable—cool down for the specified time—check—the end of the job.

4. The welder automatically shuts off the power when the voltage is too high or the current is too large. Therefore, when judging whether the welding machine is working under normal data, just turn off the power and then turn on the power. Cut off the device and return the system to normal. status.

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