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Electric welding machine using method
May 18, 2018

After connecting the power cord and confirming the input voltage, select the appropriate voltage.

2. Close the main power switch and select the welding time and current according to the ambient temperature and the pipe diameter.

l Welding procedure

Prepare for work - Connect input and output conductors - Select input voltage - Turn on main power switch - Open working switch - Set heating time - Adjust current to reference (tuning) Start welding - After time The buzzer sounds automatic power-off - the working switch is turned off - the current adjustment knob is twisted and rotated - the connector plug is taken off - the cooling is performed according to the specified time - the inspection is finished;

(Note: Be sure to select the input voltage before turning on the power switch)

3. Problems arising from the construction of steel spiral reinforcement bellows

1. The quality of the pipe is poor, and the construction side is barbarous. In the production process, using inferior steel strips or fully recycled materials, the process quality is difficult to control and the quality of the tubing is poor. In addition to the brutal construction during the construction process, the tubing is damaged, cracked, deformed, and leaks, leaving hidden problems for the project.

2. The method of pipe network connection is not proper, and the connection strength is not enough. The use of a single form, such as joints only with electrofusion tapes, does not guarantee the strength of the interface. It is recommended that extrusion welding be used in combination with electrofusion tapes or heat shrink sleeves.

3. Pipeline cuts are not standardized. The edge of the lap of the electrofusion tape is completely cut, and there is no material attached to the electrofusion tape, and the welding strength is completely lost.

4.Before welding, due to the on-site conditions of the site, the pipes are connected up and down, and the left and right gaps are too large. The hot melt tape is forced to connect only when it overlaps 5mm. The defects at the pipe joint are obvious.

5. The power is far away and the cable is thin. The voltage wave drop is serious, the welding time is short, and the current does not meet the requirements, resulting in the failure of the electric hot melt welding.

6. Extrusion welding speed is too fast, welding strength is poor, there is not enough heat to process the base metal.

7. The trench has a high groundwater level, precipitation drainage is sloppy, clay soft foundation, and there is no treatment. The water level is high, and the trench foundation of the pipeline must be very poor. Between the pipeline and the pipeline, the cloudy well will cause uneven settlement, which may cause deformation, cracking, and leaking of the pipe network between the tubing and the tubing.

8. Backfilling is not timely. The biggest disadvantage of plastic pipe is that the coefficient of linear expansion is large. Due to thermal expansion and contraction, there is a large expansion force or contraction force inside the pipe, which may easily cause roof cracking or break the pipe well or pipe joint, causing the pipe network to leak water. It may also cause uneven foundation settlement, elevation, and displacement changes, causing warping and cracking at the joints of the pipeline.

9. The backfill method is wrong. Do not take artificial stratified backfilling. Excavators and bulldozers are used to push out the pits. Forklifts are directly backfilled, and the backfill density is low. This can easily result in pipe displacement, flattening, large deformation, warpage, uneven settlement, and leaking in pipe wells or joints.

10. The supervisors lowered the project quality requirements, poor coordination, and brutal command. In order to reduce the construction costs and reduce the requirements for project quality management, the construction party bids, constructs and produces at the lowest price, and the pipeline manufacturing companies also construct according to the minimum standards, causing project risks.

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