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Electric welding machine classification
May 25, 2018

The electric welding machine is distinguished by the welding method:

A. Welding with plug-in electrofusion fittings - using "electric welder"

B. Welding with Piezoelectric Tape - Use "Electrofusion Band Welder"

The simple difference between the two types of welding machines is that the electric welding band welder can output a high voltage, and the electric welding machine can output a large current.

2) The electric welding machine distinguishes by welding different pipes and fittings:

A. The wall is completely PE, PP plastic material - use "PE tube electric welding machine"

B. The wall of steel wire mesh or steel mesh and PE plastic composite material - the use of "composite tube electric welding machine"

The simple difference between the two types of welding machines is that the “composite tube electric welding machine” can weld multiple parameters with different parameters, and the “PE pipe electric welding machine” can only carry out single-parameter single-parameter welding, and its power output also needs Much smaller.

3) According to the circuit type of the electric welding machine:

A. Tapped frequency transformer electric welding machine

B. Power frequency transformer phase-controlled electric welding machine

C. Power frequency direct phase control electric welding machine

D. High Frequency Inverter Electric Welding Machine

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