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Detailed automatic welding machine performance characteristics
Jun 20, 2018

Usually we use automatic welding machine to realize the fused connection of PE/PP pipes and fittings. At the same time the device is also compatible with the connection requirements of steel frame plastic pipe. The control board of automatic welding machine adopts effective value (imported special chip) to detect and control, and the control accuracy is not affected by the change of power grid voltage.


The automatic welding machine has many obvious advantages, among which the signal detection channel is specially adjusted with a digital potentiometer and digitally calibrated. In this way, adverse effects caused by transportation, vibration, etc. can be avoided. At the same time, the welder also has the function of "pipe identification". If the welded pipe is not qualified, the welder will warn that the pipe is wrong, thus ensuring the construction quality.


The user will feel very convenient during the operation process, and it can adopt bar code scanning input. The automatic welding machine also has many advanced functions such as automatic detection, soft start and so on. At the same time, the structure has also been improved in the design, effectively reducing the weight of the equipment, reducing its size, and ease of installation and handling. In addition, the power system of the device also has the characteristics of moisture-proof, shock-proof and the like, and it is convenient to work under harsh conditions in the field.


This is because the automatic welding machine is intelligently controlled by a microcomputer, thus achieving a more advanced welding method in production. Constant voltage and constant current control modes can be freely converted to meet different welding parameters input requirements for different pipe fittings. The entire welding process displays real-time output voltage/current parameters, real-time online detection of various possible abnormalities, and the failure automatically stops welding and alarms. The machine also has "temperature compensation" more humane function, the welder can automatically adjust the welding time according to the ambient temperature detected by the built-in temperature sensor.


Not only that, the overall design of the automatic welder is also very user-friendly. The appearance of the automatic welding welder is beautiful, and the user-friendly interface design is used. The large LCD screen is displayed with text and display, which is more convenient for the user.

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