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Comparison of PE hot melt and fused connections
Oct 15, 2018

PE hot melt and fused are two different welding methods. From the perspective of operation mode, PE hot melt needs cutting, cleaning nozzle, counter, welding endotherm, pressure cooling and pressure relief cooling. The degree is relatively high, and there must be a special technician to operate.


Due to the difference of PE pipe, the model of PE hot-melt welder is also different, and the size of the corresponding hot-melt welder is also increased. The hot-melt welder requires a certain hydraulic cylinder stroke for welding, so the connection is dead. At the time, the pipeline was relatively fixed.


The quality of the welded joint of the PE hot-melt welding machine can be directly expressed by the amount of flanging and the amount of peeling. The strength of the welded joint is relatively large, and the welding stability can be relatively high. The quality of the welded pipeline can be basically ensured by checking the way of the welded joint. These are the characteristics of PE hot melt, ensuring that the pipe after PE hot melt can meet the actual needs of users.

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