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Automatic welding machine necessary operation process
Feb 28, 2018

Automatic welding machine is more suitable for new construction and renovation projects of various plastic pipe, pipe welding. Under normal circumstances, operators need to pass professional technical training before they can operate the equipment. Can only be used to maintain, check and correct the automatic welding machine, remember to wear heat-resistant gloves and wear eye protection equipment, pay attention to the surrounding operations, to avoid knocking bad equipment. Fully automatic fusion welding machine connected to the power supply must meet the requirements of a device, after confirming the cable and power supply is in line with the requirements of the equipment before they can power the official use. The fused tube should only be opened when it is time for work to unpack the package. Prior to electrofusion, use a special scraper to properly scrape the surface. The tail of the tube needs to be cut at a right angle with a pipe cutter. After that, it is fixed so that improper use can cause the welding to fail.

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