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Automatic welding machine application and use advantages
Apr 14, 2018

Commonly used welding processes on automatic welding machines include: submerged arc welding, tungsten gas shielded arc welding, gas metal arc welding, resistance welding, electron beam welding, laser welding, laser arc welding, brazing, high frequency welding, Gas welding, explosion welding, friction welding, ultrasonic welding.

Automatic welding machine application

Automatic welding machine is widely used in the process of operation in plastics, hardware appliances, steel, metal processing and other industries. After the automatic welding machine is used, the appearance and internal quality of the welding part are greatly improved, and the quality is guaranteed to be stable. Sex and reduce labor intensity, improve the labor environment, reduce manual welding skill requirements and production costs, improve production efficiency.

Automatic welding machine advantages

1. The automatic welding machine moves and becomes a mechanism, such as its welding roller frame and head and tail frame turning machine, rotary platform and positioner, etc. The precision type movement displacement mechanism should be equipped with servo motor drive.

2. The main controller of the automatic welding machine is mainly used for the linkage control of various word components, the control of the welding procedure, the setting, adjustment and display of the main welding parameters during operation. If necessary, control functions such as fault diagnosis and human-machine dialogue can be expanded.

3. Computer software. The computer software commonly used in welding equipment includes: programming software, function software, process method software, and expert system and other welding head guidance or tracking mechanism. Arc voltage automatic controller, torch yaw and monitoring system.

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