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Automatic plastic pipe butt fusion machine system device and temperature adjustment
Jun 22, 2018

Automatic plastic pipe butt fusion machine in the operation of the workpiece left and right into the mold automatically positioning design, in the process of designing the air pressure or hydraulic pressure action, the rack is mainly assembled by CNC parts processing, vertical The level of level meets the precise requirements.

The automatic plastic pipe fusion splicer mainly uses its high-frequency frequency stabilizer and high-frequency magnetic field shielding system device, which effectively reduces the high-frequency interference of its PVC plastic heat sealing machine to the lowest, so that PVC can be effectively solved. High-frequency interference of plastic heat sealing machine affects the life of other machines or residents.

The low-loss coaxial oscillator of the automatic plastic pipe welding machine is used for the co-tuning of the tuner during operation. When it is used, its high-frequency welding machine output force can shorten the welding time and increase the output. Electronic thyristor, detecting excessive current of high-frequency heat-sealing machine of stationery.

When a Automatic plastic pipe butt fusion machine is in operation or is stationary, the machine is stationary when it is operating, either when it is out of power or when it is stopped. It keeps its original position and does not suddenly rise or fall. Workers operate safety issues. The stepless heating thermostat can adjust the temperature according to the production needs of different products, making the stationery high-frequency heat sealing machine work more efficiently.

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