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Automatic pe pipe butt fusion welding machine welding parameters and specified range
Jun 25, 2018

The automatic PE pipe fusion splicer can preset the optimal welding parameters of different caliber pipes during operation, and directly call the splicer during welding. When the operation is performed, the considered factors are maximally eliminated, and the welding time and temperature of the automatic PE pipe fusion splicer are automatically determined. , Pressure automatic closed-loop control.

The automatic PE pipe fusion splicer can automatically detect the drag pressure and compensate for it to some extent. It can automatically monitor and prompt the various steps of the welding process when it is used. If the actual parameters deviate, the system will automatically alarm.

The storage box of the Automatic pe pipe butt fusion welding machine prints the welding parameters of each welding port, which can help the operator to quickly and accurately analyze the welding quality of the welding port during the operation. An external USB interface can be used by the user through the USB interface. Welding parameters are imported into the computer for processing. The machine does not work when the temperature of the hot plate does not reach the specified range.

The automatic PE pipe fusion splicer is mainly based on high-voltage arc discharge to melt the two- and-fifty-fiber cross-sections, while gently propelling the two optical fibers into one by a high-precision motion mechanism to realize the coupling of the fiber mode field. Ordinary optical fiber fusion splicer generally refers to a single-core optical fiber fusion splicer. In addition, there are also a ribbon optical fiber fusion splicer, a fusion splicer, an splicer, a patch cord splicer, and a fusion splicer. Partial fiber polarization-maintaining fiber fusion splicer and so on.


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