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Automatic hot melt butt welder
Nov 19, 2018

The automatic hot-melt welding machine is based on the national standard of polyethylene system welding equipment (GB/T 20674.1) and the industrial standard of polyethylene gas pipeline engineering technical regulations (CJJ 63), introducing international advanced single-chip technology and Internet of Things sensing technology. A new generation of automatic control plastic tube hot melt docking equipment realized.

Fully automatic welding equipment, based on traditional manual or hydraulic PE plastic pipe butt welding machine, combines industrial control, program control, IOT sensing and other technical means, through simple screen operation, can complete pipeline welding parameters Set up and realize the one-button start welding work without manual intervention. For the industry standardized pipe welding work, you can directly use the standardized operation template built into the control program to achieve faster preset welding work.

The device is equipped with two modes of operation: touch screen and physical button for industrial control, suitable for users with different operating habits. During the actual operation of the welder, the control device will display an animation of each welder step, which is easy to understand. Real-time monitoring and protection of environmental information, including voltage, frequency, and pressure. The time can be automatically compensated according to the ambient temperature and compensated according to the actual detected pressure. A pressure-preserving device is built in the control box to effectively increase the pressure during cooling. The device also provides user-expandable SD storage, which is convenient for users to obtain welding data recorded by the device at any time, and then analyze and process it later.

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