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Automatic hot butt welding machine features
Apr 21, 2018

First, the characteristics of automatic hot melt butt welding machine


    1 Full-time, continuous control of the time, temperature, and pressure of the entire process.

    2 Identification of each connection, component and operator.

    3 Welding parameters are entered by bar code, or automatically set by the system according to the input pipe diameter and wall thickness (including automatic setting of pressure pressure).

    4 Automatically compensate the heating time according to the ambient temperature.

    5 can save the welding parameters and operator code, can be read at any time, print out at any time on a universal printer, into the file for future reference.


    Second, automatic hot melt butt welding has the function.

    1 can achieve consistent, reliable, repeatable operation.

    2 The system shall control and record and record the main parameters of each stage of the welding process to determine the status of each weld.

    3 welding machine has data retrieval storage device and data download interface, storage capacity of at least 200 welding parameters.

    Welding port parameters include welder model, welder number, ambient temperature, welding date, welding time, welder code, project number, weld number, type of pipe component being welded (raw material grade, nominal outside diameter, nominal wall thickness, or SDR Values), dragging pressure (peak dragging pressure and dynamic dragging pressure), heating plate temperature, edge forming pressure, heat absorbing time, switching time, welding pressure, cooling time, and the like.

    4 After milling the end face of the pipe element, it can automatically check whether the pipe element is firmly clamped.

    5 Automatically measure the drag pressure (peak drag pressure and dynamic drag pressure) and automatically compensate for drag pressure.

    6 Automatically monitor the temperature of the heating plate. If the heating plate temperature is not within the set operating temperature range, the welder should not be able to weld.

    7 All stages (pressurization, edge forming, pressure reduction, heat absorption, switching, pressurization, pressure holding, cooling) of the heating plate after it is inserted into the pipe element to be welded are automatically performed.

    8 The microprocessor adopts a closed-loop control system. When a parameter that does not meet the welding suddenly appears during the welding process, the welder can automatically interrupt welding and alarm

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