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Application and value of automatic welding machine in all-position welding
Dec 21, 2018

The automatic welding machin is based on the national standard (GB/T 20674.1) of polyethylene system welding equipment and the industrial standard of polyethylene gas pipeline engineering technical regulation (CJJ 63), and the introduction of international advanced single-chip technology. It can realize the standardization setting of parameters in the process of plastic pipe welding, the automatic series connection of welding process, the materialization of automatic data recording and storage, and the intelligent plastic pipe hot-melt welding machine.


Compared with traditional metal pipes, plastic pressure pipes have the advantages of light weight, low cost, high specific strength, high specific strength, corrosion resistance and insulation, and can save a lot of energy in production and use. In view of the large number of applications of plastic PE pipes, the joint technology has also developed rapidly. Electrofusion welding, welding welding, manual welding and automatic welding technology have been produced accordingly, and the development is in the direction of automation and intelligence. Automated Welder It uses the hydraulic pressure system to complete the four stages of welding and the different pressures required to provide each stage. By fully controlling the time, temperature, pressure, displacement, and timing, and minimizing the human factors that affect the interface quality, the interface quality is ensured and the welding table is traceable. The advantages and disadvantages of the connection technology of plastic pressure pipeline system are directly related to the operation effect and service life of petroleum and gas pipeline systems.


The characteristics of this welder are:

1 The optimal welding parameters of pipes of different materials, calibers and SDRs have been set in advance;

2 automatic control of welding time, temperature and pressure;

3 drag pressure automatic detection and compensation;

4 The heating plate automatically pops up, and the temperature loss is minimized;

5 automatic monitoring and prompting of the whole process in each step of the welding process;

6 fast clamping system improves work efficiency by 30%;

7 The welding process dynamic data can be printed out or downloaded to the quality inspector PC through the data transmission system to review the welder and the operator's on-site performance;

8 database can store up to 600 interfaces related to welding parameters


In the operation of the traditional plastic pipe welding machine, the same size pipe welding, if replaced by a fully automatic welding machine, can reduce 2-4 personnel, thereby reducing personnel costs for the construction unit. At the same time, through the touch screen display, the operator can see the animation demonstration synchronized with the operation in real time during the welding process, and can check various real-time data displays during the working process of the equipment, including temperature, pressure, time and so on.

In the process of automatic welding machine running welding, except for the pipeline that needs manual or equipment assisted erection, other pick-and-place such as electric heating plate and milling cutter, advance and retreat of the pipeline, etc., will be controlled by the program, so for the operation project It can reduce the probability of occurrence of personal injury caused by other factors, thereby improving work safety and ensuring the safety of

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