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Advantages of automatic plastic pipe fusion machine and welding purposes
Jun 29, 2018

The automatic plastic pipe fusion machine is the welding equipment developed and designed by the ultrasonic plastic welding equipment in the field of plastic welding. The automatic plastic pipe fusion machine mainly uses the high-tech technology of welding the plastic plastic products. The parts can be processed by ultrasonic welding. When welding plastic products, do not add any adhesives, fillers or solvents, nor consume a lot of heat sources. It has the advantages of easy operation, high welding speed, high welding strength, and high production efficiency.

The welding principle of automatic plastic pipe fusion machine is also different from ultrasonic wave. High-frequency electromagnetic waves make use of high-frequency electromagnetic fields to make the internal molecules of the material collide with each other to produce high temperature to achieve high temperature welding and welding. Ultrasonic wave is the use of ultrasonic transducers to convert electrical energy. For the purpose of heat energy and welding and welding. High frequency and ultrasonic applications are very extensive.

Fully automatic plastic pipe fusion machine high frequency class high frequency plastic welding machine, high frequency skin plastic fuse cutting machine, high frequency folding box indentation machine, high frequency metal casting machine, high frequency metal heating machine. Mainly include: High-frequency plastic welding machines of various PVC (polyvinyl chloride)-based plastic welding, welding, bronzing, etc.

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