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A brief overview of the PE hot melt welder
Dec 29, 2018

PE hot-melt welding machine can automatically terminate the process and welding parameters in the fully automatic welding stage through the process monitoring, process confirmation and process recording, which minimizes the human factors and ensures the welding quality.


Its related welding data can be processed and analyzed by computer, which greatly reduces the quality supervision work. In order to ensure the quality of the welding and the safety of the pipe network system, it is particularly important to carry out regular inspections on the performance of the PE hot-melt welder, such as its main component performance requirements and testing.


PE hot-melt welding machine is a special equipment for hot-melt connection of plastics. The quality of welding machine directly affects the welding quality. It is mainly composed of hydraulic system, frame, fixture, heating plate, milling cutter and automatic control system. The performance of the hydraulic system shall not exceed the range of the no-load support; the maximum value of the friction change of the moving clamp at any position shall be less than 10% of the friction of the welder itself. At the same time, there is also a pressure automatic compensation function to ensure that the net force applied to the end of the pipe should be within 20% of the specified welding

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