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220v welding machine reliable connection and quality requirements
Jul 02, 2018

220v welding machine should be a three-hole plug in the operation, when connected to the family power at the time of operation need to pay attention to first check the three-pin plug grounding line is a reliable connection, after confirmation can be inserted directly into use, so that it can be.

The plug of the 220v welding machine is not a three-hole plug. In operation, its two-eye plugs or only two wires must be used to find out the grounding wire or grounding terminal of the welding machine. The grounding wire should be led out first. Reliable connection (can be inserted into a wet-ground steel connection or connected to a relatively humid drain drain metal), and then plug in the power to use. It should also be noted that the nominal current of the welding machine matches the nominal current value of the household electrical plug. This will ensure safe use.

The welding speed of the 220v welding machine is very fast. To a certain extent, the quality consistency of the product is good, and the surface is beautiful. There is no uneven soldering during manual welding. Equipment welding can avoid the influence of various human factors during manual welding, such as the influence of the proficiency of the operator, the influence of physical conditions, and the influence of emotions, thereby ensuring the consistency and reliability of welding.

220v welding machine can reduce the number of operators and inspectors when it is running. It can effectively reduce the difficulty of management and the cost of products when it is used. Now the labor cost increases year by year. The annual recruitment is the most troublesome thing for the boss. Welding machines can greatly reduce the number of hired personnel.

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